Au revoir, 2018 et salut, 2019!

Au revoir, 2018 et salut, 2019!

I might not always be consistent with writing regular content but one thing that I’ve always been consistent with is writing an achievement and goals list every year. So without further ado, I won’t be breaking this tradition anytime soon and as you’ve probably guessed this post will consist of me reflecting back on my 2018 goals and creating a list for 2019.

The goals I set myself for 2018 consisted of:

  1. Buy a house
  2. Travel to even more countries
  3. Complete my MA aside from the dissertation
  4. Either gain further experience in advertising and marketing or get a new job directly within this field
  5. Read more books that are on my reading list
  6. Work harder on the old blog and actually stick to a schedule
  7. Keep up with learning languages
  8. Take more candid photos to make memories and not just staged ones for Instagram or the blog
  9. Make time for those who matter
  10. Eat healthier
  11. Keep up with regular exercise to lose weight and find an active hobby
  12. Make more time for self-love
  13. Actually properly learn to knit and sew

So which of these did I actually achieve?

  1. I can confirm that this one was successful. We’ve been homeowners for around six months now and it still doesn’t feel quite real that we own the house. Even through all the stress, it’s so nice to have a house that we can call our own where we can have pets and not have to worry about a landlord or decorate and add something to it if we want to.
  2. Sadly I haven’t been successful with ticking this one off my list. In fact, I haven’t left the shores of Blighty during 2018 which makes me incredibly sad. Hopefully, though, we can change this during 2019.
  3. Another of my 2018 goals I can tick off my list. I’m currently working on my final major project and will hopefully have completed it all by early April. My graduation is in July and then I can officially add more letters to the end of my name (Not that I actually do!).
  4. So I did change jobs but it wasn’t quite within the advertising and marketing field. I work for a charity in the fundraising department, so despite not quite being in the marketing and advertising field, my MA does provide useful experience for when working on fundraising campaigns and it does have elements of marketing involved within the role. I also really enjoy it which is so nice waking up on a Monday morning and not minding going to work or no longer having that Sunday night “Monday morning dread”.
  5. I think I’ve only managed to read one book this year, so not quite the amount I envisaged but at least I managed to read nevertheless. Hopefully once my MA is finished, I can get back into reading frequently.
  6. Likewise, with my previous goal, I haven’t been too successful at sticking to this one either. However, I’m hoping once the MA is completed, I can put my heart and soul into writing more on this blog.
  7. I wasn’t successful at this one in the slightest. It’s still something I want to do but will probably be another one of those things I start doing once my MA is completed.
  8. I’m usually quite successful at doing this one on a regular basis. I always try and go out for a walk on my lunch break when I’m at work as there are plenty of walks around seeing as the office is located in the countryside which provides the perfect backdrop for candid photography.
  9. I haven’t been too successful at this one this year seeing as the house, working and my MA have pretty much taken up the majority of my attention. Hopefully next year, I can plan to see my friends and family more.
  10. Moving house and living with Greg’s Grandma temporarily meant that I was doing plenty of exercises and having healthy cooked meals for me. As a result, I lost almost a stone in weight and have managed to successfully keep the majority of it off. I also cut down on the number of sweets and chocolate I eat simply by just buying better quality vegetables which meant I enjoyed my food more.
  11. Due to being so busy with the previously mentioned things over the past year, I haven’t had time to take up a new hobby but I have been doing more exercise due to doing up the house and lost weight. Win-win.
  12. Funnily enough, since changing jobs, I’ve actually been a lot better at this. As a result of being happier in my job, I frequently try and have a Sunday night routine that consists of a bath and a mini pamper session. Perhaps I’ll write a future blog post on this one.
  13. Again, I haven’t managed to even pick up the knitting needles this year other than tossing them into a box when we were moving. I really want to get into sewing and making my own clothes so hopefully, this is something I can do during 2019.

lebellelavie - festive silent pool gin

During 2018, I’ve managed to successfully complete some of my goals while others I haven’t been quite so successful at. But looking forward at 2019, I’m setting myself some new goals which I can hopefully try and tick off as many as possible come this time next year.

2019 Goals

  1. Get married
    It’s been over three years we got engaged. We now own our house. It seems like we should soon.
  2. Complete my MA
    I’ve just gotta get through to April and then boom. I’m done.
  3. Go on holiday
    I haven’t left the country since last year and I’m seriously getting itchy feet for not having left the UK and serious wanderlust.
  4. Make my house more of a home
    Other than the bathroom and the kitchen, our house is getting there. We just need to start getting some furniture and more photos on the wall to make it seem more like our house.
  5. Work harder on this blog and finally start my new project idea
    Once the MA is done and dusted, you betcha I’m gonna start working harder on this blog and my new project ideas. I need a new hobby once it’s complete anyway.
  6. Achieve my ideal goal weight
    I’m one stone off this weight, I can get there and do it if I put my mind to it.
  7. Buy a MacBook
    I’ve wanted one for years and although I do own a Mac it would be nice to have a MacBook so that I can be that little bit more portable on the go.
  8. Complete any uncompleted 2018 goals
    As I’ve previously mentioned there are a few goals on my list for this year uncompleted, hopefully, I can achieve these this year.
  9. Start taking up photography again seriously other than the odd few snaps here and there.
    I really miss it and want to start getting back into doing photography again.

And I think I’ll leave that there as my final post of 2018. Happy New Year to all! Let’s hope 2019 is going to be a cracking year!

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