The Monthly Round-Up: November 2018

The Monthly Round-Up: November 2018

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to have a little shake up and write a monthly post about what I’ve been up to and enjoying. Not only do I personally enjoy reading these style of posts from people, I also want to document what I’ve been up to for me as much as anything.

These posts will be split into chatty lifestyle catch up, music/podcasts I’ve been enjoying, films I’ve been watching, the food I’ve been eating out or recipes I’ve made, places I’ve visited, and lastly, the books/blogs/articles I’ve been reading.

So to start off this hopefully first post of this series, I’m going to write a post summarising everything I’ve enjoyed or got up to in November.

The chatty life catch up:

I’m not really sure where November went, it kind of came and went in a poof.

It’s been a busy month at work with it being pancreatic cancer awareness month and World Pancreatic Cancer Day, in a good way of course. So many people have wanted to get involved with fundraising and raising awareness of the disease. I’ve also been busy wrapping my head around new tasks I’ve been learning and working on some of the fundraising campaigns for next year.

We won an engagement shoot competition which I hope to share further details of in a future blog post and a little bit of where it was later on in this post.

My aunt, uncle and one of my cousin also came to visit at the beginning of the month which was lovely to see them and show them around the house. They also brought us a couple of housewarming gifts which was also lovely and very much appreciated.

After stressing about not having done much Christmas shopping, we managed to do most of it in one weekend and only need to get a couple of bits now. It feels pretty good to have the majority of it done before December even hit.

In some other not so great news, I received a parking ticket for trying to go to a GP appointment which is always wonderful, especially just before Christmas. I also went to the GP to deal with my mental health. It’s taken me a long time to get around to admitting I just needed some help as it feels like a defeat but I just felt I was running myself into the ground if I carried on. As a result, I’ve been taking medication and attending classes on how to deal with anxiety and stress which has been a big help.

lebellelavie - pca pansy pin

Purple Pansies symbolise pancreatic cancer and is a memory pin to those we’ve lost in a similar way to how the red poppy symbolises the end of WWI and to remember those we’ve lost in conflict.

What I’ve been watching:

I haven’t watched that many movies over the last month as I haven’t really had time. The one movie I did watch though was Deadpool 2. It was brilliant and despite receiving criticism for not being as good as the first, I personally thought it was equally as funny and can’t wait to watch the Once Upon a Deadpool film. I don’t want to go into too much detail about it in case anyone reading this hasn’t seen it because y’know, “Spoilers and all that!”. All I’m gonna say is that Ryan Reynolds is brilliant and the soundtrack is also really catchy and works well in a hilariously funny way.

I have watched quite a bit of TV this month which has tended to consist of binge-watching The Good Place, Mad Men and any episodes of Riverdale that’s been released.

The Good Place is an American comedy TV show starring Kristen Bell, Jameela Jamil, Ted Danson and a number of other actors. The show revolves around Kristen Bell’s character who ends up finding herself in what’s described as “The Good Place” after she died. Although she is the predominant character, as the series introduces the other characters, they become just as equal to her in being the main characters. Not only is the show funny, but it also takes some interesting plot twists throughout the three seasons currently on Netflix. Due to potential spoilers, I’m not going to go into too much detail discussing the story plot of it but for me personally, I get a little bit of The Truman Show vibe from it. Perhaps this is just me but let me know your thoughts on it if you have either already watched or decide to give it a go.

I was recommended to watch Mad Men by my MA lecturers due to it being based on advertising agencies of the 1960s in Madison Avenue. I started watching it before we moved out of Eastleigh but while we were technically homeless and were doing up the house, I never got back into watching it until the last month or so. I’m currently on season 5 and really enjoying it.

Although the characters are fictional, it’s interesting to see how advertising has evolved since then. If I could go back in time to any decade the 1960s would definitely be the one I would choose and I think this is part of the reason why I enjoy watching Mad Men. I love the music, fashion and photography. I would definitely say 1960s fashion has an influence on my sense of fashion.

Aaand then there’s Riverdale. I’m going to be honest here and say I’m not enjoying this season of it as much. I’m really only watching it because I’ve watched it since the beginning. It’s okay but I’m just not feeling the Gryphons and Gargoyles storyline, anyone else?

What I’ve been listening to:

Since watching The Greatest Showman and Deadpool 2, both OSTs have been in my head, so both have frequently been played on my Spotify account during my evening commutes home from work.

In the morning, I tend to enjoy listening to Greg James’ Radio One Breakfast Show as I find him really amusing which is just what I need to get me out of bed on a dreary winter’s morning.

I’ve also been enjoying a bit of Rita Ora’s Let You Love Me (I’m singing it internally while typing that) and both Twenty One Pilot’s and Blossoms’ albums. I’ve recently rediscovered Jurassic 5 and OMD which I’ve enjoyed having a bit of variation other than current chart music.

And lastly, I started listening to the Blogosphere Magazine podcast which I’ve been meaning to listen to for a while. If you have an interest in the advertising, marketing and influencer world then I would definitely recommend giving it a listen as I’ve found it quite beneficial listening to industry experts for my MA FMP.

Out and About:

We kicked off the beginning of the month by having the engagement shoot we won in the New Forest. We were really worried that the rain would cancel it or ruin it but it held off long enough for us to have some lovely shots during “golden hour”.

The first Thursday of the month was the Gunwharf Quays’ Christmas lights switch on, instead of venturing into Portsmouth, we met up with an old uni friend and had a catch up at Portsdown Hill. Although we could see them the fireworks were unfortunately too far away for us to really enjoy them. In all fairness though, we weren’t paying that much attention because we were too busy talking and queuing for a Mick’s Burger. Despite the cold, it was well worth the wait, I hasten to add. Mick’s is literally one of the best burgers and chips you will ever have – no exaggeration!

We managed to successfully do the majority of our Christmas shopping when we visited Gunwharf Quays a couple of weekends ago. It feels nice to have gotten the majority of it out the way but I can’t promise my bank balance is feeling the same.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, we’re starting to actually think about getting the ball rolling with getting married and have a few ideas on where ideal locations would be. So watch this space for future updates.

I was also gifted two tickets to attend the opening of the Christmas at Beaulieu trail thanks to Southampton Bloggers. I won’t say much else on this as I wrote a whole post on it which you can read here.

lebellelavie - HS Photography engagement shoot

What I’ve been reading:

I haven’t read an awful lot this month, other than for my FMP, as I’ve been so busy with various different things. What I have been reading bookwise is The Anxiety Solution. From what I understand, it’s a little self-help book for those that suffer from anxiety and how to keep it at bay. I’ve only read the first chapter but I couldn’t help but nod along and see that it reflects a lot of how I feel on a regular basis. I’ll try and remember to update you on it once I’ve finished reading it.

The other book I’ve been struggling to read the last couple of months is Thirteen Reasons Why. I love the TV series as I find a lot of it relatable to that teenage angst years feeling but I just can’t seem to get into the book. I find that it jumps around quite a bit and it can be somewhat confusing as to whether it’s Hannah talking on the tapes or Clay thinking to himself. I think that can easily be portrayed in a TV show as there are the visuals that go with it but it can be harder to understand without some explanation. Idk, perhaps it’s just me. What’s everyone else’s thoughts on it?

And that’s about all I can update you with on November. Who’s looking forward to Christmas? I know that I am.

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