Christmas dinner in a vegetarian household

Christmas dinner in a vegetarian household

A vegetarian roast or Christmas dinner isn’t for everyone, and I can’t talk for every vegetarian, but here is an example of how my family and I do things.

Having been brought up vegetarian means eating vegetarian meals is second nature to me. I forget that people find it such a strange phenomenon that you don’t have turkey with your Christmas dinner or any form of meat with a roast dinner when I declare it one of my favourite meals.

I can’t talk for all vegetarians but to clear things up on what we (My family) have for Christmas dinner, I thought I would write a blog post on it.

For the last four or five years, we’ve gone to my Gran’s house for Christmas, seeing as my Grandpa is no longer around, and she enjoys cooking for us all. Our tradition usually consists of my siblings and I staying with her the night before and helping with food prep. We all wake up at a reasonable time on Christmas morning and get to work on finishing the prep and with anything else that needs doing. An hour or so before dinner’s ready, my parents will then come over.

lebellelavie - vegetarian christmas dinner

Last year, my Gran bought a selection of vegetarian filo pastry parcels as a kind of appetiser/starter for us to eat prior to our Christmas dinner. My favourites are either brie and cranberry or blue cheese and broccoli.

Once dinner is ready, we will all sit at the table to eat and have each food ready to dish up. Now, as I’m sure you’re all eagerly waiting to know what we serve as our meat alternative. This usually consists of a vegetarian lasagne made with Quorn mince, a Quorn roast, sprout mousse (It’s nicer than it sounds, trust me!), vegetarian stuffing and vegetarian gravy. The roast vegetables are roasted in olive oil as opposed to turkey or goose fat.

My Gran usually likes to cook a turkey so that she can have a little bit on her plate but she will do the usual of eating it for the rest of the week. She also makes us a bread sauce which I love eating with my roasties.

When I mention to people I love roast dinner and that stuffing is one of my favourite parts of it, people can find this peculiar as I’m assuming they usually picture the kind of stuffing you stuff your roast meat with. I, on the other hand, love to use the stuffing (Usually a sage and onion mix) to stuff my Yorkshire puddings with and douse them in gravy and a little horseradish.

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I’ve noticed that when having a roast cooked for you by different people, the type of vegetables that they will cook alongside their meat can vary. If I’m cooking a roast the veg will usually consist of sprouts (Around Christmas time and sometimes cooked with chestnuts), broccoli, cabbage, roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots, sometimes peas (I’m not a huge fan of them though but Greg is), and occasionally cauliflower cheese.

For a bog standard roast during the rest of the year, I love grilling and seasoning a Portobello mushroom as my vegetarian alternative. The other option I go for is to simply just eat the vegetables as I find them filling enough for me.

A vegetarian roast or Christmas dinner isn’t for everyone and as I’ve previously said, I can’t talk for every vegetarian but I can give you an example of how my family and I do things. Hopefully, this has given people an idea of how a meat-free Christmas can be done if you were wondering how.

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  1. December 30, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    First time reading your blog. I also do identify with this as my family does eat a mix of meat / vegetarian meals during festive season. Loved the post!

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